Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Shadow World

The Eidolon Chronicles, Book Two.
By Jane Johnson

When Mrs. Arnold, A.K.A Queen- of-Eidolon, steps behind Aldstone Rock with baby Alice, and a suitcase, she's really stepping into another world entirely. This was for the good of Eidolon. Neither Ben, nor Elly would've been able to help her. Especially since they'd have caused more trouble than anything else.

Elly, on the other hand, see's things much differently. She's the average teenager, and doesn't
exactly wish to be left behind when her mom and baby sister are going on an adventure in a different world. So she follows them. NOT a good idea.

Elly lands in Eidolon , hoping to find her mother . Instead, she finds the Dodman, The evil villain to Eidolon. He is a seven foot terror with the head of a dog. He plans to rule both the Shadow world, and our world. (Now THAT'S a scary thought.) ( Well, he certainly is ambitious. They always told us to set your goals high.) Seeing that Elly is not a magical creature, but that she technically was the princess here, he captured her. Had she no rank at all, he would've captured her for the fun of it, anyway.

But now, The Queen is planning a war on Dodman, and she finds that her daughter is imprisoned, and her husband and son planning on saving her. Now, she was going to dive into deep waters. she was going to risk Eidolon for her daughter. Fortunately, her son was planning on risking everything he had for his sister. Luckily, one plan worked. Which one, you'll find out.

Why I Liked It.
Let me list a few reasons: 1) Humor all around. 2) there's just enough adventure 3) Stupid Goblins. Need I say more?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Emerald Tablet

By P.J Hoover

Benjamin Holt figured it was going to be a normal summer, doing awesome stuff with his friend, Andy Grow, like using their telekinesis powers to lift things. But boy, was he wrong! One day, he watches his mother get swallowed whole by a picture in the hall. That same day, his mirror talks to him. By mid-afternoon, he's at summer school learning about the lost continents, Lemuria and Atlantis. He also discovers that he's not human. he's a telegen. Benjamin and his friends Iva, Andy, Gary, Heidi, and Jack the Nogical are prophesied to find three keys in order to save the world. Their only problem is, they are not aloud to leave Mu, the capital city of Lemuria.
This is an AWESOME book about five ( Jack isn't included, he's a nogical.) great friends, on a great adventure. It's in bookstores October 28th, 2008.

Why I liked it
Step aside, move down, you unworthy Newberry Award winning books, and such! This book qualifies as the greatest, most AMAZING book in the history of books! I couldn't put it down. My problem is that I can't put it down as a book I read this summer to give to my teachers, because they wouldn't believe me, because it's not going to be published until October, and they like the lists in September. Drat.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Princess Diaries

By Meg Cabot
Book 1

Mia wants to be a normal girl. She is convinced she is ugly, her mother is dating her algebra teacher, the subject she's flunking. She isn't popular in the 9th grade, but she gets along.
Then she finds out that she's a princess. She figures she can pretend that she's not, even though she has to take princess lessons after school, and gets to ride to school in a limo. Except someone who knows Mia's secret blabs to the press. After that, she looses her best friend, respect from almost EVERY BODY. But even though her life took a sharp turn, she managed to righten her boat.

Why I Liked It
First, it was cool reading a book that was in the teen section of the library, second, I otherwise wouldn't have been aloud to read, but my mom read it first. I liked the algebra notes at the bottoms of some pages, the thrill of her life, just everything about the book!

The Emerald Tablet

The Emerald Tablet
The Emerald tablet was THE best book I read in a long time! It is a great/awesome book and you will NEED to buy it on October, 21,2008!
I'm sorry, this is classified information that I'm not allowed to tell you, so please find out for yourself when you get the book.
I would like to say that this is classified information that I'm not allowed to tell you but my mom would get awfully mad so I'll do the quick run Benjamen, Gary, Andy, Iva, Heidi, Proteus Ajax, and the rest is history, wait! I forgot Jack, Jack the nogical. He alone is ....a science experiment gone wrong!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Fairy Rebel

By Lynne Reid Banks

Jan is lonely. That is, until a fairy gets grounded on her foot! Jan loves the fairy's company, but can't see her every day, for fear the fairy queen will capture her. One day, Jan tells the fairy, (named Tiki) her main sorrow: She wants a baby. So Tiki decides to grant Jan's wish. But then things go wrong. Tiki is snitched on and captured.And the baby might have blue hair! Jan is out in the snow one fine, frosty morning, and finds an elf boy, Wijic. She brings him inside, and he promises to find where Tiki is. When he does, and they go to her, the Fairy Queen immediately plauges them with hornets and ice. But they do get Tiki And the blue hair thing is settled.
The baby is born in the summer. And every year on the baby's birthday, she gives the baby a magic present. But one year, she doesn't. Instead, a black rose is found in an old holly tree. It's a present from the Fairy Queen. How can they stop the Fairy Queen's evil deeds?

Why I Liked It
I have loved this book for forever. So far, I've read it annually. My mom has read it to me, and no doubt I'll be reading it to my kids.
I love the fairies, the elves, the pure FICTION!!!!

The Westing Game

By Ellen Raskin

16 heirs. One murder. One will. One mystery. Sam Westing has been murdered. But who murdered him? The police don't know, and they can't find out. In his will, Sam says that one of the heirs did it. There are two people who know the answer to the mystery. An heir, and those who read the book. (And ME!!)

Why I liked It
I loved the characters, the mystery. ( What I didn't like was having to stay up late with homework from reading it in class.) It does not have gory details. But it does have interesting characters. An invalid, a girl who likes to kick people in the shins. Even a Chinese man who owns a restaurant. Bravo, Ellen Raskin.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


By Brandon Mull

Kendra and Seth have to stay at Grandma and Grandpa Sorensons' for 17 days. They barely know their Dad's parents. When their parents leave, Grandpa Sorenson announces three things : #1 Grandma Sorenson is seeing a dying Aunt Edna, #2 Don't go into the barn, there is some dangerous farming equipment in there (lousy excuse) #3 Don't go into the woods. It's tick season and if they get you, you'll get Lyme disease. Then, a warning: If you go into the barn or woods at all, you'll be grounded for the rest of your stay. So of course Seth ventures in. But Kendra has other plans. She sticks to the pool and watching the huge butterflies. She has a ring of keys that Grandpa gave her. She tries to find the holes for these keys. And the keys to a journal. Soon,Seth gets Kendra to go into the woods with him to see a beautiful park. Then, when they are grounded, Kendra finds the last two keys. They have a reduced punishment and they are drinking milk that allows them to see that the large butterflies are fairies. Then On Midsummer Eve, when the evil creatures that are the real reason the kids aren't allowed in the woods, can come out, Seth lets them in. And then Grandpa, the housekeeper and the other helper go missing. The two grandkids figure out that the hen that takes residence in their room isn't really a hen. And they have to save their family from the demon who's captured them.

Why I liked it:
I've been trying to get my hands on this book for ages. And I read it in only two days. It is funny, and it has my favorite magical creatures: Fairies, Satyrs ( very underestimated creatures) and a good old evil goblin every once in a while, plus cool little imps. I'm a sucker for fantasy, but anything with magical creatures is good. ( But I don't like Harry Potter. Period.)

The Farthest Away Mountain

By Lynne Reid Banks

Dakin has three ambitions: To visit the Farthest Away Mountain, to meet a gargoyle and ask them why they're sad, and, to marry a prince.This seemed impossible. No one had ever gone to the Farthest Away Mountain and come back. Sure, everyone was curious as to why the snow on that peak turned colors. But they'd much rather stay home than be eaten alive by whatever was up there. The gargoyle thing was silly, too. First, gargoyles are stone. Second,if they look at you, you become stone. So meeting a gargoyle face-to-face was out of the question. The prince bit, um, maybe these fictional characters should get informed about, you know, KNOWING PEOPLE BEFORE THEY FALL IN LOVE WITH THEM!!! But that's just my opinion. Besides, the prince can't get married until the royal ring is found.
But, one day, a voice tells Dakin to go to the Farthest Away Mountain. She looks at the mountain and it nods at her. Creepy. Well, that morning, she sets out to go to the mountain. ( I personally would have seen a psychiatrist first. I mean, the mountain nodded at her!) On her quest, she meets three gargoyles, figures out why the mountain changes color, she meets a giant, a strange frog, a witch, oh, and a prince, who happens to be a flop. Plus, she finds the ring, and decides to marry. Who is a secret.

Why I liked it:
It was different. Dakin didn't do everything in order. She was climbing a mountain when she found there was something she should have done back a couple of chapters ago. Something that she needs or she'll die. I also liked how the prince was a total bore. :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Secret Country, The Eidolon Chronicles

Book 1, By Jane Johnson

Ben Arnold is ordinary except for his eyes. One is bright Green, the other is calm hazel-brown. Other wise, nothing out of the ordinary. That is, until he meets up with the talking cat in the pet shop. And the dying fairy in his garden and the selkie in the pet shop. They claim to be very lost residents of the Secret Country, Eidolon. Once he returns them home, His mother takes ill and he and his sister go to stay at an uncle's. Ben's uncle, aunt, and cousin, (female cousin!) aren't the nicest bunch. Anyway, during their stay, Ben sees two goblins. Then, at a client's house, (one of the uncle's clients.) a dragon. The uncle and client call it a "Garden Incinerator" . Finally, Ben saves the dragon and flies to Eidolon. But The Dodman and the uncle, the Old Creepie, follow him. And capture him. In this world, he's a prince, but that doesn't stop him from standing out here. He has to get out. But how?When?

Why I liked it:
It's not what I expected . I had scanned the shelves for something adventuresome. This book caught my eye. I picked it up. I read the back and inside the jacket. I didn't think I would like it, but I was hooked! I read up to chapter 8 the day I took it out of the library! I recommend it. It is a great book. Stars for crazy and dangerous fictional creatures!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Adventures of King Midas

By Lynne Reid Banks

King Midas has a greed for something. an overpowering greed. A greed for gold. Yes, he has his gorgeous princess daughter, his faithful servants, even his rank, is all one ordinary man could wish for.But he wishes for gold. And one day, a small magician grants his wish by putting a spell on his hands so everything he touches turns to gold. This was a bad decision on Midas's part.Especially when his daughter touches his hands and turns to gold. Then he sets out on a quest to get the curse removed. He runs into Mumbies, witches, and talking boulders to get this spell off his hands.

Why I liked it.
It was full of suspense, you cling onto every word, because it might be a hint to what happens next. It was cheery, seeing the king in the rose garden, going with his daughter to her private bath. It was eerie, knowing the witch will come back, and maybe turn you into her next meal.Or hiding with one of the servants in the closet with the meat all around, in the dark. I think it was an awesome book.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Wrinkle In Time

A Wrinkle In Time
A Wrinkle In Time was a good/ excellent book in farther time you should actually read it and if you do not read books* than I do not see any reason that you actually should be looking at this blog.
Click on the gray thing and get sent to a land far, far away.
Madeleine L'Engle was a brilliant author of her time and really did write good books.
Why It Is A Good Book
A Wrinkle In Time is a good because well who could resist going to a planet called Camazotz where every thing is already worked out and every one knows whats going to happen, and the main character's father is captured and the main character's little brother who's a 100 watt light bulb gets hypnotized and I'm just blurting the big idea out I just think you should find rest for you to find out.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dragon Slippers

This is my first review.The book is Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George.

Creel is a farmer girl who's parents have both died. She and her brother then have to live with their aunt. Creel's aunt decides to give her (Creel) to the local dragon, in hopes that a prince would come save her ad bring the whole family to live at his palace. But then,when Creel gets dropped off at the dragons', she rescues herself and in return, the dragon gives her a gift from his hoard( her choice). From then on, she meets another dragon, a bratty princess, two princes, and a dragon war.

Why I Liked It
It wasn't your ordinary damsel in distress. Creel really just wanted a dress shop of her own. She was a fun character, and the other characters were just as lovable.It was a great book. There are some sad parts, tense parts, funny parts,and happy parts, where it's joy all around. But it was good. And right up a fantasy lover's ally.

What it's All About

This is a place for book reviews by kids - for kids - or anyone else who is interested. Adults are always doing the reviews, saying what they think the kids will like. Now it's time to hear what the kids think. So a couple of bookworms will be giving their views on the books they read.