Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dragon Slippers

This is my first review.The book is Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George.

Creel is a farmer girl who's parents have both died. She and her brother then have to live with their aunt. Creel's aunt decides to give her (Creel) to the local dragon, in hopes that a prince would come save her ad bring the whole family to live at his palace. But then,when Creel gets dropped off at the dragons', she rescues herself and in return, the dragon gives her a gift from his hoard( her choice). From then on, she meets another dragon, a bratty princess, two princes, and a dragon war.

Why I Liked It
It wasn't your ordinary damsel in distress. Creel really just wanted a dress shop of her own. She was a fun character, and the other characters were just as lovable.It was a great book. There are some sad parts, tense parts, funny parts,and happy parts, where it's joy all around. But it was good. And right up a fantasy lover's ally.

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