Saturday, June 14, 2008


By Brandon Mull

Kendra and Seth have to stay at Grandma and Grandpa Sorensons' for 17 days. They barely know their Dad's parents. When their parents leave, Grandpa Sorenson announces three things : #1 Grandma Sorenson is seeing a dying Aunt Edna, #2 Don't go into the barn, there is some dangerous farming equipment in there (lousy excuse) #3 Don't go into the woods. It's tick season and if they get you, you'll get Lyme disease. Then, a warning: If you go into the barn or woods at all, you'll be grounded for the rest of your stay. So of course Seth ventures in. But Kendra has other plans. She sticks to the pool and watching the huge butterflies. She has a ring of keys that Grandpa gave her. She tries to find the holes for these keys. And the keys to a journal. Soon,Seth gets Kendra to go into the woods with him to see a beautiful park. Then, when they are grounded, Kendra finds the last two keys. They have a reduced punishment and they are drinking milk that allows them to see that the large butterflies are fairies. Then On Midsummer Eve, when the evil creatures that are the real reason the kids aren't allowed in the woods, can come out, Seth lets them in. And then Grandpa, the housekeeper and the other helper go missing. The two grandkids figure out that the hen that takes residence in their room isn't really a hen. And they have to save their family from the demon who's captured them.

Why I liked it:
I've been trying to get my hands on this book for ages. And I read it in only two days. It is funny, and it has my favorite magical creatures: Fairies, Satyrs ( very underestimated creatures) and a good old evil goblin every once in a while, plus cool little imps. I'm a sucker for fantasy, but anything with magical creatures is good. ( But I don't like Harry Potter. Period.)


Kelly said...

Katie: Thanks for the review of Fablehaven. I've been wanting to read this one. Why don't you like Harry Potter?

Doret said...

Thanks for that great summary. Now when someone ask what Fablehaven is about I have an answer. Do you take much grief for not liking Harry Potter?