Friday, March 6, 2009

Weebeasts by Micah Linton

Summary: Advance into a world of little yellow people, a world of wonderful watercolor pictures that any little kid could understand perfectly, since there are no words. The pictures are elaborate, and you can literally make up your own plot. It has been cleverly designed and carefully crafted.
Small weebeasts will invade your every thought once you begin to know them and you meet the large creatures that they aren't that nice to.
In short, I really liked the book.
But I don't think the book will ever leave my brother's room. Nor will Jeff, our Weebeast. Yes, I said Jeff. He named it. He's been making it origami hats, waiting for the next book, Quest.
Note to Micah Linton: Thank you for the books to review! We really enjoyed them! :)