Monday, June 23, 2008

Fairy Rebel

By Lynne Reid Banks

Jan is lonely. That is, until a fairy gets grounded on her foot! Jan loves the fairy's company, but can't see her every day, for fear the fairy queen will capture her. One day, Jan tells the fairy, (named Tiki) her main sorrow: She wants a baby. So Tiki decides to grant Jan's wish. But then things go wrong. Tiki is snitched on and captured.And the baby might have blue hair! Jan is out in the snow one fine, frosty morning, and finds an elf boy, Wijic. She brings him inside, and he promises to find where Tiki is. When he does, and they go to her, the Fairy Queen immediately plauges them with hornets and ice. But they do get Tiki And the blue hair thing is settled.
The baby is born in the summer. And every year on the baby's birthday, she gives the baby a magic present. But one year, she doesn't. Instead, a black rose is found in an old holly tree. It's a present from the Fairy Queen. How can they stop the Fairy Queen's evil deeds?

Why I Liked It
I have loved this book for forever. So far, I've read it annually. My mom has read it to me, and no doubt I'll be reading it to my kids.
I love the fairies, the elves, the pure FICTION!!!!

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