Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Shadow World

The Eidolon Chronicles, Book Two.
By Jane Johnson

When Mrs. Arnold, A.K.A Queen- of-Eidolon, steps behind Aldstone Rock with baby Alice, and a suitcase, she's really stepping into another world entirely. This was for the good of Eidolon. Neither Ben, nor Elly would've been able to help her. Especially since they'd have caused more trouble than anything else.

Elly, on the other hand, see's things much differently. She's the average teenager, and doesn't
exactly wish to be left behind when her mom and baby sister are going on an adventure in a different world. So she follows them. NOT a good idea.

Elly lands in Eidolon , hoping to find her mother . Instead, she finds the Dodman, The evil villain to Eidolon. He is a seven foot terror with the head of a dog. He plans to rule both the Shadow world, and our world. (Now THAT'S a scary thought.) ( Well, he certainly is ambitious. They always told us to set your goals high.) Seeing that Elly is not a magical creature, but that she technically was the princess here, he captured her. Had she no rank at all, he would've captured her for the fun of it, anyway.

But now, The Queen is planning a war on Dodman, and she finds that her daughter is imprisoned, and her husband and son planning on saving her. Now, she was going to dive into deep waters. she was going to risk Eidolon for her daughter. Fortunately, her son was planning on risking everything he had for his sister. Luckily, one plan worked. Which one, you'll find out.

Why I Liked It.
Let me list a few reasons: 1) Humor all around. 2) there's just enough adventure 3) Stupid Goblins. Need I say more?

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