Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Farthest Away Mountain

By Lynne Reid Banks

Dakin has three ambitions: To visit the Farthest Away Mountain, to meet a gargoyle and ask them why they're sad, and, to marry a prince.This seemed impossible. No one had ever gone to the Farthest Away Mountain and come back. Sure, everyone was curious as to why the snow on that peak turned colors. But they'd much rather stay home than be eaten alive by whatever was up there. The gargoyle thing was silly, too. First, gargoyles are stone. Second,if they look at you, you become stone. So meeting a gargoyle face-to-face was out of the question. The prince bit, um, maybe these fictional characters should get informed about, you know, KNOWING PEOPLE BEFORE THEY FALL IN LOVE WITH THEM!!! But that's just my opinion. Besides, the prince can't get married until the royal ring is found.
But, one day, a voice tells Dakin to go to the Farthest Away Mountain. She looks at the mountain and it nods at her. Creepy. Well, that morning, she sets out to go to the mountain. ( I personally would have seen a psychiatrist first. I mean, the mountain nodded at her!) On her quest, she meets three gargoyles, figures out why the mountain changes color, she meets a giant, a strange frog, a witch, oh, and a prince, who happens to be a flop. Plus, she finds the ring, and decides to marry. Who is a secret.

Why I liked it:
It was different. Dakin didn't do everything in order. She was climbing a mountain when she found there was something she should have done back a couple of chapters ago. Something that she needs or she'll die. I also liked how the prince was a total bore. :)

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