Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Adventures of King Midas

By Lynne Reid Banks

King Midas has a greed for something. an overpowering greed. A greed for gold. Yes, he has his gorgeous princess daughter, his faithful servants, even his rank, is all one ordinary man could wish for.But he wishes for gold. And one day, a small magician grants his wish by putting a spell on his hands so everything he touches turns to gold. This was a bad decision on Midas's part.Especially when his daughter touches his hands and turns to gold. Then he sets out on a quest to get the curse removed. He runs into Mumbies, witches, and talking boulders to get this spell off his hands.

Why I liked it.
It was full of suspense, you cling onto every word, because it might be a hint to what happens next. It was cheery, seeing the king in the rose garden, going with his daughter to her private bath. It was eerie, knowing the witch will come back, and maybe turn you into her next meal.Or hiding with one of the servants in the closet with the meat all around, in the dark. I think it was an awesome book.

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