Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Princess Diaries

By Meg Cabot
Book 1

Mia wants to be a normal girl. She is convinced she is ugly, her mother is dating her algebra teacher, the subject she's flunking. She isn't popular in the 9th grade, but she gets along.
Then she finds out that she's a princess. She figures she can pretend that she's not, even though she has to take princess lessons after school, and gets to ride to school in a limo. Except someone who knows Mia's secret blabs to the press. After that, she looses her best friend, respect from almost EVERY BODY. But even though her life took a sharp turn, she managed to righten her boat.

Why I Liked It
First, it was cool reading a book that was in the teen section of the library, second, I otherwise wouldn't have been aloud to read, but my mom read it first. I liked the algebra notes at the bottoms of some pages, the thrill of her life, just everything about the book!

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