Friday, March 6, 2009

Weebeasts by Micah Linton

Summary: Advance into a world of little yellow people, a world of wonderful watercolor pictures that any little kid could understand perfectly, since there are no words. The pictures are elaborate, and you can literally make up your own plot. It has been cleverly designed and carefully crafted.
Small weebeasts will invade your every thought once you begin to know them and you meet the large creatures that they aren't that nice to.
In short, I really liked the book.
But I don't think the book will ever leave my brother's room. Nor will Jeff, our Weebeast. Yes, I said Jeff. He named it. He's been making it origami hats, waiting for the next book, Quest.
Note to Micah Linton: Thank you for the books to review! We really enjoyed them! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


In three books that are wordless with pictures you can make up your own story on finding a new home for the friendly weebeasts (wich are yellow)

Weebeasts: Plight

The Weebeasts are teling youtheir adventure
Setting: World,Imaginary
Facts: You can also get weebeastology at and get weebeasts.

Help the weebeasts be nice and get their new home

(weebeasts are yellow)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The 39 Clues 1

Amy and Dan are at Graces* funeral, William McIntyre, Graces adviser brings specific Cahills to the MAIN ROOM and are asked if they want a million or a clue

7 teams for the clues, and everyone else out the door. The first clue:RESOLUTION THE FINE PRINT TO GUESS' SEEK OUT RICHARD S______.

Will they win or lose? Who knows.

*their grandmother

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Shadow World

The Eidolon Chronicles, Book Two.
By Jane Johnson

When Mrs. Arnold, A.K.A Queen- of-Eidolon, steps behind Aldstone Rock with baby Alice, and a suitcase, she's really stepping into another world entirely. This was for the good of Eidolon. Neither Ben, nor Elly would've been able to help her. Especially since they'd have caused more trouble than anything else.

Elly, on the other hand, see's things much differently. She's the average teenager, and doesn't
exactly wish to be left behind when her mom and baby sister are going on an adventure in a different world. So she follows them. NOT a good idea.

Elly lands in Eidolon , hoping to find her mother . Instead, she finds the Dodman, The evil villain to Eidolon. He is a seven foot terror with the head of a dog. He plans to rule both the Shadow world, and our world. (Now THAT'S a scary thought.) ( Well, he certainly is ambitious. They always told us to set your goals high.) Seeing that Elly is not a magical creature, but that she technically was the princess here, he captured her. Had she no rank at all, he would've captured her for the fun of it, anyway.

But now, The Queen is planning a war on Dodman, and she finds that her daughter is imprisoned, and her husband and son planning on saving her. Now, she was going to dive into deep waters. she was going to risk Eidolon for her daughter. Fortunately, her son was planning on risking everything he had for his sister. Luckily, one plan worked. Which one, you'll find out.

Why I Liked It.
Let me list a few reasons: 1) Humor all around. 2) there's just enough adventure 3) Stupid Goblins. Need I say more?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Emerald Tablet

By P.J Hoover

Benjamin Holt figured it was going to be a normal summer, doing awesome stuff with his friend, Andy Grow, like using their telekinesis powers to lift things. But boy, was he wrong! One day, he watches his mother get swallowed whole by a picture in the hall. That same day, his mirror talks to him. By mid-afternoon, he's at summer school learning about the lost continents, Lemuria and Atlantis. He also discovers that he's not human. he's a telegen. Benjamin and his friends Iva, Andy, Gary, Heidi, and Jack the Nogical are prophesied to find three keys in order to save the world. Their only problem is, they are not aloud to leave Mu, the capital city of Lemuria.
This is an AWESOME book about five ( Jack isn't included, he's a nogical.) great friends, on a great adventure. It's in bookstores October 28th, 2008.

Why I liked it
Step aside, move down, you unworthy Newberry Award winning books, and such! This book qualifies as the greatest, most AMAZING book in the history of books! I couldn't put it down. My problem is that I can't put it down as a book I read this summer to give to my teachers, because they wouldn't believe me, because it's not going to be published until October, and they like the lists in September. Drat.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Princess Diaries

By Meg Cabot
Book 1

Mia wants to be a normal girl. She is convinced she is ugly, her mother is dating her algebra teacher, the subject she's flunking. She isn't popular in the 9th grade, but she gets along.
Then she finds out that she's a princess. She figures she can pretend that she's not, even though she has to take princess lessons after school, and gets to ride to school in a limo. Except someone who knows Mia's secret blabs to the press. After that, she looses her best friend, respect from almost EVERY BODY. But even though her life took a sharp turn, she managed to righten her boat.

Why I Liked It
First, it was cool reading a book that was in the teen section of the library, second, I otherwise wouldn't have been aloud to read, but my mom read it first. I liked the algebra notes at the bottoms of some pages, the thrill of her life, just everything about the book!