Friday, June 13, 2008

The Secret Country, The Eidolon Chronicles

Book 1, By Jane Johnson

Ben Arnold is ordinary except for his eyes. One is bright Green, the other is calm hazel-brown. Other wise, nothing out of the ordinary. That is, until he meets up with the talking cat in the pet shop. And the dying fairy in his garden and the selkie in the pet shop. They claim to be very lost residents of the Secret Country, Eidolon. Once he returns them home, His mother takes ill and he and his sister go to stay at an uncle's. Ben's uncle, aunt, and cousin, (female cousin!) aren't the nicest bunch. Anyway, during their stay, Ben sees two goblins. Then, at a client's house, (one of the uncle's clients.) a dragon. The uncle and client call it a "Garden Incinerator" . Finally, Ben saves the dragon and flies to Eidolon. But The Dodman and the uncle, the Old Creepie, follow him. And capture him. In this world, he's a prince, but that doesn't stop him from standing out here. He has to get out. But how?When?

Why I liked it:
It's not what I expected . I had scanned the shelves for something adventuresome. This book caught my eye. I picked it up. I read the back and inside the jacket. I didn't think I would like it, but I was hooked! I read up to chapter 8 the day I took it out of the library! I recommend it. It is a great book. Stars for crazy and dangerous fictional creatures!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVED it! And the Shadow world. I also reccommend the Wormling series. I'm going through it right now...